Staff and Contributors

Orchid Mazurkiewicz, Director and Editor

Michael Scott, Associate Editor

Eriberto Corona, HAPI+SciELO Coordinator/Editorial Assistant

Matt Palmer, Vocabulary Review Project Coordinator/Editorial Assistant

Marcelo Jatoba, Publications Manager/Billing

Contributing Indexers

HAPI relies on a dedicated team of volunteer contributors or indexers - Latin Americanist librarians and scholars - who put their expertise to work indexing journals for HAPI. Interested in volunteering? Read more about it, and contact us through this form. We'll respond to your inquiry very soon.

Current Panel of Indexers:

Jane Carpenter, University of California, Los Angeles

Carlos Cartagenova, Universidad de Especialidades Turisticas

Jessie Christensen, Brigham Young University

Claudia Escobar Vallarta, El Colegio de México

Nancy Hallock, Harvard University

Cate Kellett, Yale Law School

Ashley Larson, Claremont Colleges Library

Taylor Leigh, University of Kentucky

Sara Levinson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Milton Machuca-Gálvez, University of New Mexico

Philip Macleod, Emory University

Martha Mantilla, University of Pittsburgh

Laura Martin, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Eileen Oliver, San Antonio College

Ana Ramírez Luhrs, Lafayette College

Andrea Saladino, Universidad de San Andrés

Brenda Salem, University of Pittsburgh

Alyson Williams, Library of Congress

Gayle Ann Williams, Florida International University