HAPI+SciELO Progress Report

January 21, 2022 -- Since the HAPI+SciELO project went live on our site in July 2021 we’ve made great progress. Now that it’s 2022 we wanted to share a few highlights from this project. Since going live on the HAPI site we have:

  • added more than 2,700 SciELO-México records to HAPI and continue to add more as they become available
  • included records from 33 journals with disciplinary coverage of business, economics, geography, history, legal studies, linguistics, and literature
  • debuted the inclusion of digital object identifiers (DOIs) in HAPI records and we continue to add them when available in both SciELO-México records and HAPI records

You can read more about SciELO-México records in HAPI and how they differ from our standard HAPI records by visiting the HAPI Help pages.

We’re delighted to be able to promote greater accessibility of Mexican scholarship and will keep you updated as we continue to make progress.

This project was partially funded by a Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials (SALALM) Award for Institutional Collaborative Initiatives.