Abstracts, Accessibility, and New Journals

December 4, 2017 -- We've just launched an updated version of HAPI. The three most significant changes are:

- A variety of behind-the-scenes and minor design changes to provide greater usability for people with disabilities and those using assistive technology.

- The inclusion of multilingual "stop words" into our search. Common words in English, Spanish, and Portuguese (and, y, the , el, os, etc.) are ignored if entered into the search box. For example, users searching any of the following would get the same results: the war on drugs; war and drugs; war drugs. Words within quotes, such as "war on drugs", are searched as a phrase.

- Abstracts are now being added to article records.

In addition to these changes, we are pleased to announce the addition of 79 titles to HAPI. This title list was developed after an intensive review of HAPI's current journal collection. Selection and deselection decisions were made to optimize the value of the HAPI collection by trying to find a balance between important high-profile journals and newer well-known as well as lesser-known titles; balancing geographic coverage; enhancing subject areas that were poorly covered and thinning out others that were over-represented in the collection.

We're very excited by the end result of this review and believe these additions will enhance many aspects of HAPI's content