New pricing in 2015

March 3, 2015 -- As of May 1, 2015, a tiered pricing structure based on FTE enrollment will go into effect for all new HAPI subscriptions. This is a switch from HAPI's previous flat rate subscription. Our hope is that this new structure better reflects the likelihood of both greater usage at larger institutions and more limited budgets at smaller schools.

We've also introduced a deeply discounted rate for public libraries and two-year colleges. While the new rates include increases for larger institutions, this is the first increase since 2012.


Annual subscription rate in US$

Public libraries and 2-year colleges


1 - 4,999


5,000 - 9,999


10,000 - 19,999




The price for individual subscriptions will remain the same. We will continue to provide free subscriptions to institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean. Please contact the HAPI office at for more details.