Postponement of Annual Journal Review for Inclusion

May 31, 2013 -- HAPI's annual review of journals for possible inclusion has been suspended as HAPI staff focus on the completion of two major projects.

We have begun implementing a customized web-based indexing and editing system for HAPI. This has greatly changed our workflow and process, and transitioning to the new system is the current priority for the HAPI editorial staff.

We are also working on a multi-stage project to analyze the HAPI journal collection. Stage 1 of the project involved a biblio-metric study of HAPI's current collection of indexed journals. Stage 2 will involve a qualitative assessment incorporating the results and recommendations of this study and a re-consideration of criteria for evaluating both currently indexed journals and journals that are applying for inclusion into HAPI.

As soon as decisions are made on when and how to proceed with our annual review process we will post a news item to the HAPI website. We will also notify journals that have already applied for the review process in 2013 of any updates regarding the status of their submissions. Thank you for your interest in HAPI and we appreciate your patience in this matter.